Men are strange, and alcohol makes them even more so At the bar last night, this guy and I were talking … When I saw talking, I mean he started shouting “You are an athlete!” at me. After stating this several times, he started saying, “You’re an athlete, I’m an athlete, but you’re so fit, and I hate you! You’re an athlete!” I think it was a compliment, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

I read two bad reviews of the The Fault in Our Stars movie. This is a thing that I should not have done. It was very, very silly of me. My general reaction to the reviews….”FUCKING PEASANTS.” Not everyone likes everything you do, and I completely understand that concept. However, everyone likes John Green. Everyone likes The Fault in Our Stars. The two negative reviews I read were written by, in my opinion, ignorant, unintelligent, close-minded twatwaffles. Who the FUCK doesn’t like John Green and thinks he’s a bad writer? Oh, wait, no one with a functioning brain thinks that.